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Oana Badiu


About me

Oana Badiu


I am a self-thought photographer who lives in Espoo, Finland. Ever since I was a little girl living in the country side with my grandparents I loved animals and I loved nature. 

I am originally from a small city in Romania, I finished my university studies in Bucharest and I moved to Finland in 2011. After I discovered all the nature that Finland has to offer I decided to stay and enjoy it as much as I can. 

My favorite animals are birds and I could just watch them for hours and hours and never get bored! What better way is there to enjoy nature than to capture it on camera and relive the moment every time you look at a photograph?


I have always been drawn to photography and a couple of years ago I decided to take my hobby to the next level and I purchased my first DSLR camera. Ever since, this is all I can think of and I keep updating my gear, reading blogs and trying to master the art of photography.  

This is such a versatile subject, it has so many branches and there is always something to learn and to explore. What I love the most is wildlife photography and landscape photography, however I always like to push my limits and try something new. Working with people is also something that I enjoy, so naturally portrait photography is one of my interests too.

Being a software engineer by day, I am also a bit of a "nerd" and I really enjoy technology and gadgets. I am always impressed by the latest cameras and lenses and really admire how the cameras are working nowadays. In order to take good pictures you have to know your equipment.